Dingo Dental Spiral Dog Treats 300g

When your buddies kisses are smelling the freshest they have ever been you know you are treating them with the Dingo Dental Spiral Dog Treats 300g. Made with real parsley and peppermint, they work to clean their teeth and freshen the breath while they enjoy a tasty treat. Added calcium carbonate also helps maintain strong, healthy teeth. Dingo Dental Spiral Dog Treats 300g are long lasting, spiral chews ing up to 50% more protein, and are designed to last up to 60% longer, then other dental sticks. Every treat is a delicious reward that both you and your dog will appreciate.

1 x Dingo Dental Spiral Dog Treats 300g

Unique spiral treat shape aids in cleaning your dogs teeth

Assists with removing tartar when your dog is chewing the treat from the abrasive action

Calcium carbonate within the treat helps strengthen teeth

Freshens your dogs breath naturally with parsley and peppermint

Pack contains 21 pieces