Dipping System (sns) Removal Kit | Hand Kit Nail Polish Remover Manicure Bowl

Dipping System (SNS) Removal Kit

Be your own nail technician at home, with this four-piece DIY Dipping System Removal Kit. Contains everything you need to remove your own SNS dipping nail at home!

Kit Includes:

  • Regal by Anh Hoang Disposable Hand Kit
    • 1 x Emery Board 180/240
    • 1 x Nail File 80/100
    • 1 x Orange Block 100/180
    • 1 x Wooden Cuticle Stick
  • 2 x CND Offly Replenishing Nail Polish Remover (59ml)
  • SNS Acetone Resistant Soak Off Manicure Bowl

How to use:

  • FILE the nail down 50-70% using Nail File 180/240
  • ADD warm water into the base of the Soak Off Manicure Bowl and close the lid
  • ADD 1cm of CND Offly Replenishing Nail Polish Remover into the finger slots of the bowl. Submerge hands into remover solution and cover using a towel
  • WAIT5-10 minutes
  • REMOVEusing Wooden Cuticle Stick, re submerge hands into remover solution if required, cover with towel
  • WIPEclean with cotton pad saturated with CND Offly Replenishing Nail Polish Remover
  • BUFFresidue from nail plate using Orange Block 100/180
  • FILEto shape the nail with Emery Board 180/240
  • WASHhands with warm water and soap