DJ Mini Mixer Portable Mp3 Music Fader

DJ MINI MIXER PORTABLE MP3 MUSIC FADER Fade been music tracks like a professional DJ with the DJ Mini Mixer MP3 Music Fader!

Connect 2 MP3 players to your DJ Mini Mixer and away you go - the slide switch on your Mini Mixer allows you to fade in and out at your leisure, wowing everyone in the room with your DJing music-mixing prowess. You also have 2 volume controls, so you can turn one song up and another down.

Beautifully gift packaged, the DJ Mini Mixer MP3 Music Fader will make a fun gift for wannabe DJs!


  • Mix tracks from 2 separate music players!
  • No laptop or PC needed
  • Battery-operated portability
  • Fun for parties & wannabe DJs!
  • Beautifully gift boxed


  • Dimensions: Mini Mixer is 11.5 x 6.5 x 3 cms
  • Ages: 7 and above
  • Inclusions: 2 x AUX cables
  • Requirements: Requires 4 x AAA batteries (not included). 2 x MP3 devices + AUX speaker/headphones required for use.