Dock & Bay : Poncho Mini Cabana Collection - Boracay Yellow XS

This mini poncho is perfect for keeping kids warm and dry at the beach after they've had their adventure. This quick-dry poncho also makes a perfect cover for kids to change in and out of your swimmers and drying themselves at the same time. *Quick dry - 3 times faster than normal towel material. *Wont collect damp smells *Compact & lightweight. *Save room in your backpack or swim bag or suitcase *Super absorbent *Big enough to change in and out of your clothes while drying yourself at the same time! *Handy pouch included - to keep your towel & travel accessories in one place *Elastic hook - for hanging out to dry. Poncho sizes: XS Age: 2-4 years Poncho: 56x42cm (22x16.5) Pouch: 18x14cm (7x5.5) S Age: 4-7 years Poncho: 71x50cm (28x19.5) Pouch: 21x17cm (8x6) M Age: 8-10 years Poncho: 75x55cm (29.5x21.7) Pouch: 22.5x18cm (8.9x7)