Dog Cage with Sliding Top, Wood Frame & Black Steel Crate

Wooden Dog Crate Furniture with Sliding Top

With the Simply Plus dog crate, your dog will have a comfortable and durable home for life. Whether you want a quality indoor house for your adult dog that is more than just a bed on the floor or are trying to train a puppy, this dog cage offers everything your pet needs to feel safe, secure and part of the family.

This dog cage is the perfect size to be used in your living room, kitchen or even bedroom. Unlike a normal wire dog crate, the dark wooden frame integrates seamlessly with your other furniture. You can place your new dog crate in an area of the house that you would normally put your dog's bed. If you have a new puppy you should choose a place where he or she can feel a part of the family such as the kitchen or the living room.

Having a pet cage is a great way to quickly secure your pet when you have visitors or perhaps young children who aren't used to being around dogs. It features dual safety locks on each door to keep your pup securely inside and a slide-out plastic bottom tray for easy cleaning. The heavy duty wire is coated with a durable black coating to look chic and sophisticated.

One of its unique features is the removable wire top which slides back into the rear of the unit. Leaving the top open is ideal for smaller dogs that cannot jump out of the cage as it allows easy access to inside the crate and can make your pet feel less confined than a fully enclosed crate. When in the closed position, the wire top can be used to support a crate cover or for placing personal items.


Colour: Brown & Black
Materials: New Zealand Pine, Black Powderocated Heavy Duty Wire and Plastic Tray
Dimensions: L 95cm x W 70cm x H 77.6cm

Product Features

  • Solid wood frame made from New Zealand pine
  • Quick and easy assembly (instruction manual provided)
  • Removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Great in any room of the house
  • Wooden frame gives the crate a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance like furniture
  • The sliding top can be left opened for easy access and so your pet feels less confined
  • Removable plastic tray will catch any spills and can be pulled out for cleaning purposes
  • Suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes
  • Reduce housebreaking time and help resolve barking, chewing, and behavioural problems
  • Double access doors - front & top door opening
  • Secure lock system which can be only unlocked when facing upwards
  • Heavy-duty wire with black powder coated finish
  • One year warranty

Accessories (Sold Separately)

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