Dog Tumbler Feeder Toy w/ Bonus Treats, Green

Interactive Dog Toy, Tumbler Feeder

This Dog Tumbler Feeder Toy will keep your furry friend entertained for hours! It has a weighted bottom that makes it wobble uncontrollably. Its unpredictable movement makes it tons of fun for dogs, and the large capacity means you can use it to dispense treats or entire meals. Best of all, it has an adjustable opening at the bottom to accommodate different sizes of foods and regulate the difficulty level.

Treat-dispensing toys are indispensable for people with active dogs. Dogs love them because they're fun and full of food, and humans love them because they keep dogs busy and entertained. What's more, trainers and dog behaviorists recommend treat-dispensing toys to provide mental stimulation and divert unwanted behavior.

We have included for your convenience a FREE 100g bag of SavourLife dog food. These healthy snacks are the perfect little size to fit in the toy maze compartments and specially crafted in Australia using the Earth's best ingredients.


Dimensions : L 10cm x W 10cm x H 11.7cm
Colour: Green (also available in Pink & Blue) #### Product Features

  • Helps relieve dog anxiety, destructive behavior and boredom through exercise and mental stimulation
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Designed to slow rapid eating, promoting regular digestion and preventing bloating and discomfort
  • Perfect for dogs, puppies, cats and other pets
  • Translucent cover displays treats and holes in lid release food smells which attracts pets
  • The tumbler bottom helps this toy weave from side to side stimulating your pets' curiosity
  • Upper half can be released from bottom foundation with a simple twist making the toy easy to be disassembled for cleaning
  • All components are dishwasher safe (top shelf only)
  • Plastic is tough, eco-friendly, odour free and 100% safe for your pets
  • The food outlet size is adjustable to allow you to control the treat depletion rate and makes this toy suitable for most kibble shapes and sizes
  • Keeps your pets entertained on their own!
  • Available in 3 colours - Blue, Pink & Green
  • BONUS 100g packet of Savourlife dog food (flavour may vary)