Dolby VCP9000-5 Conference Phone

Only work with BlueJeans software.

The Dolby Conference Phone intelligently adapts to your environment to deliver excellent sound. Its dynamic leveling technology adjusts to a variety of room and participant scenarios, so people can speak more naturally. Paired with Dolby Voice software from leading service providers, it provides stunning audio for more productive meetings.

Benefits of the Dolby Conference Phone

Automatically adjusts to people and places

Full-room pickup captures near and distant voices, and even overlapping speech, for more natural conversation. Dynamic leveling distinguishes between talkers and background noise, and boosts the sound of quiet or distant voices to help everyone be heard, even in rooms with poor acoustics.

Dolby Voice service for further enhanced audio

Adding Dolby Voice(R) enabled service from leading providers makes the audio quality even better by giving participants the benefit of voice placement: each speaker's voice is presented from a distinct location, making it easier to follow the conversation and focus on the business at hand.

Simple user experience in a streamlined design

Intuitive touch-screen controls and customizable apps make it easy to start, join, and run meetings, so you can get down to business more quickly. The Dolby(R) Conference Phone can even serve as your single interface for audio conferencing, video conferencing, and screen sharing.

Easier for IT to deploy, control, and manage

Intelligent hardware design, automated deployment tools, and an app library for leading service providers simplify IT tasks. In addition, the phone is a dual-mode device - an endpoint for Dolby Voice enabled services as well as a SIP conference phone for IP telephony.

Introducing Dolby Voice Room

Our new video conferencing hardware solution intelligently adapts to lighting, motion, acoustics, and voices to give everyone an amazingly natural meeting experience.

Intelligently adapts to the modern workplace

Dolby Voice Room combines high-end features in a surprisingly affordable video conferencing solution that's easy for participants to use and for IT to manage. Seamlessly integrated with leading service providers, it flexes to people and places to give everyone an amazingly natural and productive meeting experience.

Reads the room

Dolby Voice(R) Room intelligently adjusts to lighting, motion, acoustics, and voices in different kinds of rooms to give everyone, including remote participants, a great experience.

Stay focused

A 4K wide-angle camera and HDR video mapping adjust to lighting and changing regions of interest, such as people moving in the room or using whiteboards, to give everyone a clear and well-framed view of the meeting.

Speak freely

With dynamic leveling technology that adjusts for soft and distant voices - even in rooms with challenging acoustics - Dolby Voice Room lets everyone speak more naturally, with less background noise, fewer distractions, and stunning clarity.

Discover simplicity

The beautiful, streamlined design and simple user experience make it easy to join, engage, and share content, while the intelligent hardware design and remote device management help IT deploy, control, and monitor devices.

Dolby VCP9000-5 Conference Phone

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