Domel 1000W 2 Stage Suction Motor Bypass 145mm CB15 for Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

SKU: 34100001

2-stage, 240V motor. 1000W Bypass suction motor. 240V, Peripheral, 145mm base. Also suits Pullman and Nilfisk backpack vacuum cleaners.

Dimensions Approx: 18cm x 14.5cm

This Product Suits:
Pullman - AS10, AS10P, AS59, AS400
Pullman - SEM1200
Pullman - PVW160, PVW300, PVW450, PVW1000
Pullman - CB15, CB30, CB60, CB80
Pullman - A031B 15 Litre Wet and Dry Commercial Vacuum
Pullman - PV9, PV14
Pullman 3000 Ducted Vacuum System
Origin - BV200
Kerrick - 270J, 290C
Wertheim - SEM1200
Ghibli - AS59, AS400

1x Domel 1000w 2 Stage Motor Bypass 145mm CB15

This item comes with a 12 months warranty