Donjoy Strapping Elastic Knitted Knee Brace Support - Knee Instability & Sprains

Donjoy Strapping Elastic Knitted Knee Brace

It is designed for sports and day-to-day living use, the knee Brace is ;ideal for acute and chronic knee conditions ;as it helps to ;improve knee stability ;and ;**ease the related symptoms of ;**mild osteoarthritis.
This ;lightweight ;knee brace offers enhanced ;knee injury prevention ;with its protective padding and a silicone patellar buttress.

The knee brace is made from a multi-directional ;soft, latex-free elastic fabric, ;the close-knit material adheres to the contours of the knee to form a tailored compressive fit, while an adjustable elastic strap will minimise any movement.

This knee support is fine for fresh or saltwater activities, but ;not ;suitable ;for contact or extreme sporting activities.


  • Anatomically knitted, multi-directional elastic fabric.
  • Looser knit on the patella to prevent local edema without adding pressure on patella.
  • Removable self-adhesive elastic strap for additional lateral & medial support, stability and compression.
  • Silicone patellar buttress and open patella for general patella stabilisation.
  • Fits left or right knee.
  • Latex free