Doppler Fiber Long Automatic Mosaic Umbrella Taupe

The Doppler Fiber Long Automatic Mosaic umbrella is a fashionable womens umbrella. The canopy bursts with colour featuring a chic modern design which is a recent style emanating from Europe. The fiber range are constructed using extremely light fibreglass components resulting in reduced weight, but still maintaining strength and stability. Doppler Umbrellas were founded in Austria in 1946 and have grown to be the largest manufacturer of umbrellas in Europe known for their reliability and innovation. The Doppler Fiber Long Mosaic Umbrella in detail:

  • Extremely light fibreglass components
  • Automatic open
  • Windproof
  • Lightweight construction - weight: 410g
  • Length: 86cm
  • Diameter: 104cm
  • 2 year warranty