Dragon Ball Super Card Game Themed Booster DISPLAY 03 Clash of Fates - Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Release date January 18,2019 To commemorate the release of the new Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie on the 24th of January 2019, for each booster display of Clash of Fates that you order, you will receive 2 x Broly Pack Vol.1. The Broly Packs are to be used as gift with purchase and are not for resale. 1 Booster pack contains 12 cards each 1 Box contains 24 booster packs Total 125 cards 30 Commons(normal or foil.ver)/ 18 Uncommons(normal or foil.ver)/ 10 Rares / 6 Super Rares / 8 Special Rares / 1 Secret Rare / 4 Feature Rares