Dreamfarm Fledge Double Sided Chopping Board Black 25 x 18cm

The Dreamfarm Fledge Chopping Board is an ingenious double-sided chopping board with unique features that are bound to bring a contemporary touch to your culinary collection. Equipped with innovative flip up edges, this board is specially crafted to prevent food from falling off the sides when transferring ingredients to your pan or bowl. Expertly constructed with food-gripping, knife-friendly patterns on either side, this board is dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning and your complete convenience. It is designed with non-slip rubber feet to ensure optimal stability and security while you slice and comes complete with a groove for catching runaway juices when carving delicious succulent meats and other juicy foods. Prepare delicious meals with the exceptionally durable double edged Fledge Chopping Board by Dreamfarm!
* Features flexible edges that flip up to turn it into a tray to stop food falling off the sides
* Designed for easy transporting of food or serving
* Designed to be your everyday board
* Features a carving side with a generous juices groove for catching drips when cutting meat and other juicy foods
* Designed with knife-friendly, food gripping patterns on both sides that won't warp in the dishwasher
* Includes non-slip rubber feet on both sides for stability and security while cutting
* Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
25 x 18 x 2cm