Dudley Cartwright Natural Goat Horns Dog Chews [Size: Billy - GT3]

Dudley Cartwright has introduced a new range of long lasting, naturally-sourced chews that your dogs are bound to love.
Just like their deer antlers, Dudley's goat horns are all-natural treats that are 100% natural and digestible chews that your dogs are sure to love.Goat Horns are full of keratin, making this one long-lasting chew! that helps remove tartar build up while being chewed.


  • Goat horns are available in different sizes for all dogs
  • Stand up well to aggressive chewers for a long time.
  • The unique shape and texture help promote dental health
  • Goat Horn dog chews are a single-source all-natural dog chew
  • No chemicals or preservatives: made from a single unprocessed ingredient
  • 100% sourced from Australian goats so youre supporting the local economy
  • Low in fat and high in protein and minerals, which are essential for a healthy, balanced diet
  • Do not splinter so they wont leave a mess on your floors
  • All natural - Processed via Dehydration ( 6 days in dehydrator)
  • Outer layer is keratin while the inner part is bone (like the inside of a bone with blood vessels for growth)

Available in 5 sizes:
GT1 - Kid - Approx 16cm
GT2 - Nanny - Approx 21cm
GT3 - Billy - Approx 27cm
GT4 - Whole - Approx 15cm
GT5 - Split - Approx 20cm
GT6 - Split Mini - Approx 11cm
GT7 - 4-pack - Approx 10-18cm

*Please note: As these are a natural product, the sizes may vary.

Great for dental hygiene!