Dunlopillo Therapillo Memory Foam Low Profile Pillow

Dunlopillo Therapillo Premium Memory Foam Low Profile Pillow.

The lowest profile pillow moulds to your individual shape for superior support and spinal alignment. Suitable for tummy sleepers and people with smaller frames. Therapillo by Dunlopillo is made from premium memory foam designed for those sleepers who prefer extra support and a therapeutic sleeping experience. Our premium memory foam moulds to your individual shape to promote correct spinal alignment and the ultimate in head and neck support. It is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Assocation and backed by a 10 year guarantee against faulty materials and workmanship for a restorative night's sleep

Low profile
Moulds to individual shape
Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association
Fits standard pillow case 48cm x 73cm
10 year guarantee
Velour removable cover is machine washable
Sponge wash soiled areas of memory foam with warm water
Do not dry clean

Why do we love this pillow?

The memory foam range by Dunlopillo features a high quality firm memory fibre which is fantastic for those seeking a firm and supportive pillow. Essentially memory foam will provide support where you provide pressure allowing your head to sink in then holding it there. The memory foam fibre used in this pillow does feel a bit firmer than other memory foam pillows available. It features a low profile which is great for those looking for a low supportive pillow.

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