Dynamic Power Aquarium UV Light External Canister Filter 2000L/H + Media Kit

**Description:**This Dynamic Power 2000 Litres per Hour Aquarium Filter is the right choice if you are passionate about aqua life! The impressive 2000 litres per hour filtration is enough for aquariums of up to 500 litres! This amazing water flow rate only consumes 55 watts, so it is very energy efficient. Very easy to set up and use, all you need is to add water, filtering materials and push the button!

In addition to that, it comes with a UV lamp in order to improve the control of bacteria and algae. This improves your water quality by sterilizing impurities and dangerous diseases. It is extremely beneficial to single tank system.

The amazing multi-level filter is capable of offering you the best filtration system as it can hold large quantities of mechanical, biological and chemical filtering materials! The 4 filtration baskets comes with handy handles and allow you to make many different filtering combinations, hence, they give you more flexibility and control over the quality of the water of your tank. The ideal filtering materials are ceramic noodles, bio balls and carbon.

Access to the filtering system is also very easy so you can instantly inspect for any irregularities such as blockages. It also comes with a water flow shut off tap so cleaning and regular maintenance can be easily done! The hoses and fittings are very convenient quick connect type.

Bonus full media kit is included for creating optimal living conditions for nitrifying bacteria and other micro-organisms. Bio balls and ceramic noodles help build a good colony of nitrifying bacteria that breaks down ammonia and harmful nitrite in the water. High grade carbon helps with odours and discoloration and absorbs residual chlorine from tap water.

It is made of high-quality durable PVC construction to ensure a long lasting service life. Very compact design allows you to save space in your house as well.

This filter is suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Whichever the environment you choose for your fish, this filter will be able to handle without any problem!

Product Features:- High quality 55W 2000L/H aquarium filter

  • 9W UV lamp for better bacteria and algae control
  • Multi-Level biological, mechanical and chemical filtering system
  • Water flow shut off tap allows easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 4 Easy-Access filter basket with handle
  • Bonus Full Media Kit(Active Carbon, Ceramic Noodles and Bio Balls)
  • Ideal for sponge, bio balls, carbon and ceramic noodles filters
  • Compact casing made of high quality durable PVC
  • Quick connect style hoses and fitting for fast and efficient set up and maintenance
  • Quick set up, no tools needed
  • Suitable for aquarium tanks of up to 500 litres
  • Suits both freshwater and saltwater aquarium
  • SGS Approved to ensure safety

Product Included:- 1x External Filter Canister

  • 4x Filtration Baskets
  • 2x Piping
  • 1x UV Filter Lamp
  • 1x Bio Ball Pack
  • 2x 300g Active Carbon
  • 2x 300g Ceramic Noodles
  • Connectors and Tubes
  • Operating Instructions Manual

**Product Specification:**Brand: Dynamic Power
Colour: White
Material: High Quality PVC
Water Flow Rate: 2000 Litres per Hour
Voltage: 100V/220V/240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Rate: 55W
UV Power Rate: 9W
Power Cord Length: 1.5m
Internal Green Tubing Diameter: 19mm
External Green Tubing Diameter: 25mm
Green Tubing Length: 1.8m
H-Max: 2.5m
Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 48.5cm(LxWxH)
Weight: 7kg

Dynamic Power Aquarium UV Light External Canister Filter 2000L/H + Media Kit


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5 star rating

23 September 2020

Excellent service and product. Thank u

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5 star rating

17 March 2020

This filter is amazing. My Turtle tank was completely green and so much crap on the bottom. I tried so many different filters to try and keep it clean but nothing worked. I've had this filter connected for just over a week and my tank is crystal clear!!

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5 star rating

04 February 2021

Awesome and easy to set up and get going works really well in my 6foot tank

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5 star rating

30 December 2020

Great item. Recommended.

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5 star rating

13 November 2020

great product

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