Dysphagia Mug - For Swallow Difficulty Stroke, Arthritis, Parkinson Patients

Dysphagia Cup 235ml

The Dysphagia Cup is designed to help people who have trouble swallowing. Drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work.

The cup design provides sufficient nose clearance, it allows draining of the cup contents without the need to tilt the head back excessively.

This cup helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the centre of the mouth, i.e. reduces the possibility of the contents "going down the wrong way".

The extended handle adds to the stability being part of the base; it is also wide enough to provide a firm grip, accommodates gripping by the entire hand or by the thumb only.

The base is thicker than the rest of the cup. This puts mass where it is needed to stabilize the cup.

Available in two colours – Almond & Green

Cup size/ capacity – 235ml

Dishwasher safe to 82°C.

Latex free.


  • For those who have the difficulty of swallowing
  • For people who had a stroke and was having trouble drinking.
  • For people who suffer painful arthritic joints as the easy to grip handle doesn’t require much finger strength or balance.