E-Blue EHS950BKAA-IU Auroza 7.1 Surround Sound Vibrating Headset

Auroza Micro Headset Serie FPS EHS950BKAA-IU Get ready for an unforgettable party in full immersion with the Auroza Serie FPS EHS950BKAA-IU headset. Featuring 7.1 virtual surround sound and a 3D vibration function, it will immerse you in the heart of the action. Also benefit from RGB backlighting and a flexible microphone. Experience an immersive gaming experience with the EHS950BKAA-IU headset with 7.1 surround sound . Watch every detail, from footsteps to explosions to victory! For unforgettable parties, this model also incorporates a vibration function to feel all the actions. Of speakers 40mm will offer you a great sound performance while comfortable headsets will offer you a warm environment to challenge your opponents hour after hour. The EHS950BKAA-IU headset has a RGB backlight to illuminate your parties. To achieve your goals, develop strategies with your teammates through the invisible microphone providing clear and audible conversations. Thanks to its remote control , this helmet offers easy and fast control. Manage the volume, backlight, vibration function or mute mode of your microphone.

  • Headset with 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • RGB backlight with vibration
  • 40mm speakers for greater sound output
  • Retractable flexible microphone
  • Comfortable earpieces even after several hours
  • Remote control with volume control, vibration, backlight and microphone mute function
  • USB connector

Dimensions 220x201x81mm Weight 332 +/- 15g Frequency Response 20KHz ~ 20KHz Rated Output Power 500mW Earphone Impedance 32 ohms +/- 15% Sensivity 117dB Vibration Speaker Power 100mW Operating Current 60mA Operating Voltage 5v Adjustable Headband Yes