Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot Vacuum

Enter the world of household robotics with the Ozmo 900. Featuring intelligent navigation, an integrated vacuum and mop cleaning system, this robot is extremely efficient in solving your cleaning needs. The Ozmo 900 uses Smart Navi 3.0 laser scanning technology to scan your home to create a virtual cleaning map which is used to identify the most efficient cleaning path, create virtual boundaries, prioritise cleaning areas and much more. For ultimate convenience, the Ozmo 900 can be controlled via your smartphone. This is easily set up by downloading the ‘Evovacs Home’ app, either from the App ;Store or Google ;Play. Use the app to: Control where and when the robot cleans your home Set up virtual barriers to no-go zones Choose the areas you want it to specifically focus on. When the vacuum is Wi-Fi connected, you can also use voice control to operate it without lifting a finger. Shop the Deebot Ozmo 900 online or instore today at Godfreys.