Edwin Jagger Unisex DE89 Knurled Chrome DE Safety Razor

Classic Edwin Jagger chrome styling. This DE89 safety razor has been made using highly detailed and pronounced knurling that provides excellent grip.

Suitable for beginners and experienced shavers, men and women, the blade is perfectly aligned to give a comfortable shave. ;

To Use: Unscrew the handle to release the base and top plate. Holding the razor top plate upside down on your palm, load the blade onto the lugs, place the baseplate on top, and screw in the handle just firmly.

Once the skin is lathered, angle the razor at about 30 degrees to the face and use short strokes to shave. Always start by shaving in the same direction as the growth - with the grain. Once the whole face is shaved with the grain, lather again and shave across the grain. This two pass shave is enough for most occasions.

Only make a third pass against the grain, if you need your face to be super smooth.

The razor is perfectly balanced and offers a smooth and comfortable shave.

Ships with a complimentary ;Feather Blade

Made in Great Britain