Electric Air Compressor Oil Free 9L Tank 0.7HP 40LMin 7Bar Portable Direct Drive

Product Overview
The direct-drive air compressor is the perfect addition to any DIY workshop for powering various air tools. With 0.7 horsepower, the unit's robust motor and pump ensures the 9 litre tank is re-pressurised quickly and efficiently. It includes two regulated outlets fitted with popular nitto-style couplers, which suit most air systems. A pressure gauge displays the current tank pressure, and has an extended handle, the unit is easy to move and maneuver. Unit is oil free.

*9 litre tank , 0.7HP motor
* Direct-drive
*Easily Transportable
*Extended handle
*High quality materials
*Dual regulated outlets

Wattage: 550W
Amperage: 6AMP
Maximum pressure: 100 PSI, 7Bar
Power Supply: 240V
Capacity: 40L/min
Max Speed: 1410 RPM

In the box
Air Compressor

Weight: 14Kg
Size: 48*21*51cm