Electric Food Dehydrator Fruit Meat Vegetable Dryer Beef Jerky Maker w/7 Trays- White

Dry your favourite foods in this electric food dehydrator and entertain yourself, and your family and friends. This food dehydrator machine has 7 stackable drying shelves, which is great for drying a variety of foods in different shapes, including pineapples, plums, mushrooms, beef, bread and even yogurt. The fan at the base of food dryer machine with premium heating elements delivers hot air evenly throughout the whole chamber, ensuring a quiet and consistent drying process without tray rotation required. The adjustable temperature control allows you to customize your desired levels to cook enjoyable and tasty snacks like apple puree or tuna jerky on Sunday nights or holidays. The quality stainless steel and plastic material construction makes it durable to use and easy to clean.

  • 7 TRAYS: Seven stackable and removable BPA-Free dehydrating trays for dehydrating foods at a fraction of the cost of commercially dehydrated foods with no additives or preservatives. Each tray measures 30x26cm.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Adjustable temperature setting range up to 70℃. The quiet bottom-mounted fan and heating element provide even air flow for consistent and thorough drying without the need to rotate trays.
  • HEALTH EXPERT: Prepare 100% all-natural snacks with no added sugars or additives: fruit rolls, trail mix, granola, etc. Dry all types of fresh herbs and vegetables. Make protein-rich jerky for your favorite outdoor activities.
  • FAST DRYING: 220-240 Watts of drying power dries faster in hours and not days.
  • TRANSPARENT LID: Allows you to view and monitor the whole drying progress.
  • SAA CERTIFIED: This product is SAA certified and BPA free, so you can have the peace of mind that you're getting a safe, reliable, and high-quality appliance.


Mechanical temperature settings (suitable for different food)

Number of Trays

7 Trays


Stainless steel and plastic


Overheating protection



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Packing Size


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