Electric Heated Car Snuggle Blanket Throw Rug 110x150cm Soft Polar Fleece Red Checker

Electric Heated Car Snuggle Blanket - Soft Polar Fleece

12 Months Warranty

Design: Red Checker


This electric car snuggle/blanket will keep you warm on your travels for this upcoming winter. It operates with a 12V DC system. Always start the vehicle's engine before plugging in the snuggle.

Features: • 12V Plug • 2 metre long cord • Comfort soft polar fleece material

The power cord has an 8 Amp in-line fuse. Ideal for travelling in your car, truck or RV and roadside emergencies.

Makes a great seat warmer, it even reaches the back seat


Input voltage: 12V DC

Rated power: 50W

Max Current: < 4.5A

Fuse: 8Amp

Cleaning: •

Do not use bleach on the snuggle; •

Do not machine wash or dry; •

Do not dry clean; •

Spot wash by hand with a wet cloth or soft brush and a mild detergent;

Allow the snuggle to dry thoroughly before using