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Electric Heated Clothes Rack

This electric clothes rack heats up in as fast as 3 minutes, it is a fast and easy way to dry your clothes. Even when It is raining outside, your clothes can always dry indoor without worrying that they won't dry on time. Fold and store away after use. This electric clothes rack does not need any vent gas lines or special outlet to operate - just plug into your regular outlet and it'll run perfectly.

* Portable & compact
* 18 heated rods
* Constant temperature: 50 - 55degrees
* 3 - 5 minutes heat up time
* 2 attachable wings
* Waterproof switch
* Non-slip feet for stable operation
* Freestanding
* Foldable to store away
* Quiet operation
* Energy saving
* Ideal for drying towels, clothes, baby blankets, etc

* TUV certified
* Material: Aluminium
* Power: AC 220-240V, 220W
* Heated rods: 18
* Temperature range: 50 - 55degrees

Package Contents
1 x Heated Clothes Rack
1 x User Manual