Electric Motorised Home Theatre Projector Screen 150" + Remote

The 150" motorised projector screen with remote control will provide you with the ultimate movie viewing experience. The silent motor enables you to drop down your screen at the touch of the button and neatly retract is back up when your movie is finished. That way, the screen doesn't become the centre of attention in your living room throughout the day but when its movie time, you will be the most popular neighbour in the street. The solid casing and weighty frame ensures that your screen stays flat against the wall and images are not disturbed with movement not to mention the crystal clear clarity of the high defintion picture.

Can only be delivered to metro locations.*

Bringing the cinema experience to your own living room

The 150" Electric Motorised Projector Screen with wireless remote enables you to create your own dream home cinema without breaking the budget. Install this in your living room but dont let it take over your space with its unique retracting abilities meaning it can tuck away and hide when not in use. The wireless remote enables it to roll down or retract back up at the touch of a button, you dont even need to get out of your seat! The ;150" Electric Motorised Projector Screen is perfect for classroom and offive environments too with its premium cosntruction and crystal clear clarity. The precision matte-white fabric produces superior image reproduction and the black velvet border ensures to absorb all excess visual disturbance. Designed for a standard 4:3 aspect ratio or a 16:9 widescreen format, the razor sharp definition and stimulating colours will ensure that any movie, sporting game or office presentation will never be forgotten.

Key Features:

  • Solid construction of weighte frame to ensure durability
  • High Definition matte white screen to present your movies in their finest quality