Electrode Conductive Hand Glove Garment for TENS Machine

The Conductive Stimulation Glove is perfect for treating the entire hand. You can use both on your left and right hand. The stretchable knitted fabric allows for a perfect snug one size fits all. It is an easy and effective alternative way of applying electro-therapy to either larger concentrated areas, more fragile and delicate areas and/or out of reach areas. The patient will receive 100% coverage of the garment treatment area due to the high silver content woven through the entire garment. Hook up with your existing TENS and/or EMS Unit, it feels great and will soothe your entire area!

Using electro-therapy conductive garments as an in-home modality is ideal for patients who struggle with:

RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Diabetic foot pain
Sprains and fractures
Repetitive strain disorders
Sports injuries
Swelling/Edema and post operative swelling
Excessive perspiration where conventional electrodes won’t stay on their skin

Please Note:

Our conductive glove comes 1 per order.
Lead with snap adapter is required to use this garment. It cannot be connected to the lead with pin style ends. ARTG 323842