Electrolux EC414ANIM Easy C4 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux EC414ANIM is designed to be the perfect cleaning appliance for a domestic household. It comes with easy to move wheels that ensure effortless manoeuvring of the appliance. The HEPA filter removes all kinds of harmful particles like- dust, pollen, pet dander, etc. from the room. It collects these particles and filters the air of the room to ensure allergen free breathable air. Electrolux C4 vacuum cleaner also has washable filters. It can be washed to ensure brand new efficient working of the appliance. Electrolux animal vacuum cleaner has dual cyclone technology which uses dedicated cyclones in order to separate large particles from the fine ones. This results in better and more efficient performance of the vacuum cleaner. The variable power feature of Electrolux EC414ANIM allows the user to adjust the suction power according to the area and surface that needs cleaning.