Elements 1000 - L-Shaped Corner Office Desk Silver JC Leg [1800L x 1800W] - Select a wenge, Add a none


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Stay tidy, stay organised and stay chic! I am the Elements 1000 corner desk with silver legs. I will give you flawless balance with height-adjustable legs and an adjustable beam. You may choose from white, wenge and maple finish for my desktop and a matching return to give you ample corner workspace. A silver modesty panel completes the professional workstation look. Order me now to experience the benefits of a completely customisable desk.

Tools required Hand drill

Assembly required Yes

Warranty 10

Product Dimensions (mm) 1800L x 1800W

Desk height range (mm) 640 - 780

Leg width (mm) 65

Leg depth (mm) 45

Desktop finish Laminate

Leg finish Powder coated steel

Desk return length (mm) 750

Desk return width (mm) 600

This product does not include Monitors, computer-ware, chairs, storage units, monitor arms, lights

A = 1800 mm, B = 1000 mm, C = 1800 mm, D = 600

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10yr warranty
This Product is guaranteed for a period of ten years against faulty workmanship and/or raw materials for normal office use - i.e. 8 working hours per day. For more info please call 1300 527 665 or email customerservice@jasonl.com.au

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[default] [option] [title]Select a size[/title] [items] [item] [opt]1600L x 1550W[/opt] [redirect]l-shaped-corner-office-desk-silver-jc-leg-elements-1000[/redirect] [/item] [item] [opt]1600L x 1800W[/opt] [redirect]l-shaped-corner-office-desk-silver-jc-leg-elements-1000-1600lx1800w[/redirect] [/item] [item] [opt]1800L x 1550W[/opt] [redirect]l-shaped-corner-office-desk-silver-jc-leg-elements-1000-1800lx1550w[/redirect] [/item] [item] [opt]1800L x 1800W[/opt] [redirect]l-shaped-corner-office-desk-silver-jc-leg-elements-1000-1800lx1800w[/redirect] [default] 1[/default] [/item] [/items] [/option] [/default]

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[default] [option] [title]Select a desktop[/title] [items] [item] [opt]white[/opt] [optimage]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1249/7859/files/LSmall-white.png?9032233360859756564[/optimage] [/item] [item] [opt]wenge[/opt] [optimage]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1249/7859/files/LSmall-wenge.png?9032233360859756564[/optimage] [/item] [/items] [/option] [option] [title]Add a modesty[/title] [items] [item] [opt]none[/opt] [optimage]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1249/7859/files/none_1.png[/optimage] [/item] [item] [opt]silver modesty[/opt] [optimage]https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1249/7859/files/white-modesty1.jpg[/optimage] [/item] [/items] [/option] [/default]

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