Elinz 7" HD Monitor 4PIN System CCD Reversing Camera Kit Trailer Cable MIC BLACK

7" HD Monitor 4PIN System CCD Reversing Camera Kit Trailer Cable MIC BLACK



A smart way to add safety and convenience in driving specially on larger vehicles like trucks trailers and Caravans is installing a remarkable reversing camera system. It doesnt just make you safe but it also help you avoid accidents concerning others and helps you save money.

This reversing camera kit comes with 2 cameras, the 1st camera is a 4PIN camera with 1200 view angle, CCD image sensor made by Sharp Company and with built-in MIC. The 2nd camera is a CMOS reversing camera with 1500 view angle that is night vision supported with built-in Photosensitive chip.

Not just that, it comes with trailer cable that can help you hitching your caravan easily with this heavy duty permanent fitting connector.

This will be very useful for large vehicle drivers so better install one now and drive confidently.


  • Monitor

    • 7" 16:9 TFT Colour LCD
    • 800*480 Digital screen, Crystal clear image
    • Sunshade design
    • 16:9/4:3 switch freely
    • Contrast, Colour, Brightness adjustable
    • Two way video inputs - Two video inputs, reversing first Connect 2 cameras to the monitor(2nd camera - optional). You can view one camera while driving and the 2nd camera will turn on automatically when reversing .
    • One way audio input
    • Built-in Speaker
    • Can connect to DVD/MP4/Camera etc
    • 2x 10m advanced 4PIN cables - it allows the monitor to power up cameras, no need to connect to another power cable.
    • Easy to install. You can D.I.Y. as long as you can locate your vehicle's 12V/24V power source.
  • 4PIN Camera

    • 120 degree Wide angle viewing helps avoid accidents & injuries
    • Camera with built-in MIC
    • Colour infrared night vision waterproof CCD reverse camera
    • Heavy duty CCD crystal clear 12/24-volt applicable reverse camera
    • Clear view day or night - The CCD image sensor (made by SHARP company) outputs digital signals that has better picture's clarity color contrasting and sharpness
    • This heavy duty CCD camera is hard metal cased waterproof and mud proof
    • Can last for longer without heating up so you can show the rearview at all time
  • CMOS, PAL Colour reversing camera

    • 150 degree wide angle, Sharp lens
    • 12V / 24V
    • Water-proof & protection against dust
    • Night vision with built-in Photosensitive chip
    • Automatic while balance, AGC and BLC
    • Video supply : 1.0VP-0.75 ohm
  • Heavy Duty Trailer Cable Coil and 4PIN Connectors

    • 5 PIN AP-TP20 metal connector with male and female connector
    • Waterproof function
    • 4 PIN metal connector for CCD Camera
    • Length selectable
    • With elasticity length from 2000mm to 4000mm
    • Very tight connection durable and reliable
    • Connecting and disconnecting when hitching your caravan is easy with this heavy duty permanent fitting connector
    • Cast alloy connector can be mounted adjacent on same bracket


1. 7" TFT LCD Monitor

2. CMOS reverse camera

3. CCD reverse camera with built-in microphone

4. Remote Control

5. 4PIN Trailer cable

6. Power cords

7. 1x 5M 4PIN Cable

8. 2x 10M 4PIN Cables

9. User Manual