Elliona Gel Off 3-Piece Kit

Got a beautiful gel manicure on? Good for you! But if your gel mani is looking a bit tired and grown out, this kit will help you remove it easily - no trips to the salon required. With all the bits and pieces you need to salvage your natural nails and remove the gel safely, this set from Elliona is a life saver! 


  • Elliona Gel Off Kit
  • Pack contents: 
    • Gel Off 125mL
    • Gel polish remover tool 
    • Boomerang nail file 
  • Removes gel manicures 
  • Gel Off dissolves gel easily 
  • Won't harm natural nails 
  • The perfect tool for the job 
  • Nail file gives you a smooth result
  • Country of origin: N/A