Emad Sayyah - Dance of Shahrazad: Bellydance from Lebanon [CD]

Emad Sayyah - The Dance Of Shahrazad: Bellydance From Lebanon (CD NEW)

Label: Arc Music
Format: CD
Release Date: 06 Nov 2007

Brand New

Album Tracks

1. The Dance of Shahrazad
2. How Beautiful You Are, Bellydancer
3. The Music of the Kings
4. The Dance of the Bellydancer
5. I Am Looking for a Girl to Marry
6. The Dance of the Riders
7. Get Up and Dance
8. For the Girl from Beirut
9. The Dance of the Silk Waist
10. Let's Go Crazy with That Derbacki Player
11. Shake, Shake
12. The Music of the Mirage
13. The Music of the Desert Wind