Eminem - Relapse [CD]

Eminem - Relapse (CD NEW) Explicit

Label: Aftermath
Format: CD
Release Date: 19 May 2009

Brand New

Album Tracks

1. Dr. West
2. 3 A.M
3. My Mom
4. Insane
5. Bagpipes from Baghdad
6. Hello
7. Tonya
8. Same Song & Dance
9. We Made You
10. Medicine Ball
11. Paul
12. Stay Wide Awake
13. Old Time's Sake
14. Must Be the Ganja
15. Mr. Mathers
16. Deja Vu
17. Beautiful
18. Crack a Bottle
19. Steve Berman
20. Underground/Ken Kaniff

Lyrical acrobat Slim Shady returns after a five-year absence with his fifth major label release, continuing to strike the perfect balance between brooding insight and absolute silliness on 2009's RELAPSE. Opening single Crack a Bottle reunites Detroit's maddest rapper with his superstar mentor (Dr. Dre) and protege (50 Cent) on a fittingly funky tour de force.