Energise Tyre Rejuvenation Gel 500ml

Specially formulated to be safe for users, ENERGISE tyre rejuvenation gel applies an even, natural looking and long-lasting shine to complete the new look of your vehicle.

ENERGISE is also engineered to protect your tyres against UV damage with a simple wipe on application with virtually no sling or run.

Australian made & owned


Revitalise tyres simply by applying a small amount of ENERGISE to a microfiber applicator pad. Starting at the top of the tyre face, wipe in a clockwise motion ensuring an even spread of pressure across the whole tyre face.

Detailer's Tip: For unbelievable gloss, apply a second round of product ensuring that excess amounts are wiped off.

Only use product as directed.


INGESTION: If product is swallowed or gets in mouth, do NOT induce vomiting; wash mouth with water and give some water to drink. If symptoms develop, or if in doubt contact a Poisons Information Centre 13 11 26.

SKIN CONTACT: Wash gently and thoroughly with water (use non-abrasive soap if necessary) for 5 minutes or until chemical is removed.

EYE CONTACT: Immediately flush the contaminated eye(s) with lukewarm, gently flowing water for 5 minutes or until the product is removed, while holding the eyelid(s) open. Obtain medical advice immediately if irritation occurs. Take special care if exposed person is wearing contact lenses.

Energise Tyre Rejuvenation Gel 500ml

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 2 business days
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