Engine Crane Foldable Folding 1.5 Ton Heavy Duty 8 Ton Ram & Adjustable Legs

Need to remove, replace a motor or move an engine, machinery or any heavy items around the workshop or garage? ;The Millers Falls CR2TFHD 1500kg Foldable Hydraulic Engine Crane is a must-have for your workshop or garage to help you lift heavy items easily and safely.

**Product Applications: ;**Removal of Engines & Transmissions from Vehicles, Boats and other equipment.

Product Features:

Easy to store and put out of the way - ;yet serious enough for the biggest tasks.

It ;comes with a 8-ton hydraulic ram, chain, heavy duty hook and adjustable outrigger legs.

The adjustable rear outrigger legs provides ;greater stability ;and ;six heavy duty castors ;allow ;easy manouvering and positioning***.***

**Product Assembly: ;**Minor Assembly Required

Product Specifics

  • Arm Lifting Range : 0 - 2360 mm
  • Working Range : 1050 - 1590 mm
  • Long Ram Jack : 8000kg
  • Max Lifting Capacity : 1500kg
  • Package Dimension: 99kg, 165x71x41cm.
  • Model: ATXCR2TFHD.