ergoPouch Butterfly Cardi 0.2 tog 2 - 6 months - Natural - Natural

ergoPouch Butterfly Cardi When your swaddled baby begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition them to arms-out sleeping for their safety. The Butterfly Cardi is designed to be a transition aid worn over your babys swaddle or sleeping bag, to help them transition to arms-out with minimal sleep interruptions and maximum sleep comfort. Suitable for littles ones who are ready to transition out of swaddling into arms out sleeping, ages 2-6 months. Not to be used as an alternative for swaddling. Fold-over Arm Pockets - The easy to use arm pockets create a sense of containment, the feeling they are used to from swaddling. By gently releasing one arm out at a time, this can help a baby transition to arms-out sleeping. Adjustable Fit - use the press studs to adjust the fit of the Cardi around your babys torso. The super stretch in all directions will allow for comfort and full chest expansion. Self-Soothing as babys arms are contained inside the fold-over arm pockets during the swaddling stage they will have access to their hand for self-soothing Organic Cotton - skin friendly as it promotes breathability and prevents sweat resting on sensitive skin TOG rated - 0.2 TOG suitable over the top of a sleeping bag during any season, or just with a nappy on those hot summer days. Friendly for Hips - does not interrupt the natural sleeping position for healthy joint development