ESET Parental Control For Android Devices 1-Year Software Download

Ensure your children surf the web safely thanks to ESET Parental Control. Designed to help your child navigate what's safe for viewing, accessing or downloading, as well as what apps they can access, this piece of software is an absolutely must for parents with tech savvy little ones. It features a multitude of functions including direct peer-2-peer communication that children must acknowledge before continuing with their devices, location tracking, age-based filters, 100% blocking control and time limit settings deactivating and activating devices at certain times.

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  • ESET software
  • Parental Control For Android Devices
  • Software package is for 1 device
  • Digital download card
  • Mobile/Tablet requirements
    • Processor: ARM Core 500+MHz ARM7+
    • OS: Android 4.0 and higher
    • Memory: 512MB+ RAM
    • Touch screen: Minimum 320x480px
    • Internet connection required
  • Manage what apps and websites your children can access
  • Communicate with your children directly to their device screens - children must acknowledge messages before continuing with their devices
  • Age-based filters help ease you into parental lock awareness
  • Child locator functionality - ensure your children get to and from school safely
  • Block age-inappropriate websites
  • Set time limits to your children's browsing or playing time
  • Allow children exceptions that children can request
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