Espresso Blend- Parallel Roasters

Shifting Light Espresso Blend from Parallel Roasters is an extremely vibrant and juicy espresso blend which utilises washed coffees from Africa and the Americas, each chosen to contribute a layered and unique profile.

We roast each coffee to maximise its characteristics, then blend in proportion to achieve a balance of pleasing acidity, body and complexity.

About Parallel Roasters Alternative Brewing has selected Parallel Roasters to be one of three exclusive suppliers for our bean selection based on their Australia wide recognition for outstanding coffee. Based in Brisbane, Australia and roasting fresh coffee from around the world, Ben and the team are really pushing forward with quality results.

*Please note that, due to supply constraints, beans supplied may be other varieties from the available farms. Image is used for reference purposes only. The beans supplied may be different to those pictured.

Espresso Blend Parallel Roasters FEATURES

Locally Roasted Coffee With Parallel Coffee Roasters a mere 2min drive from the AB Warehouse coffee is freshly delivered daily.

Sustainable Supply Cultivating Supportive Long term relationships with Coffee Growing Communities.

Professionally Roasted Tasting Hundreds of coffees a year, to bring your the select best we can find.


  • Espresso Blend Parallel Roasters


Roasted For Espresso Blend of Origins 50% COLOMBIA 25% GUATEMALA


Recommended Recipes Espresso: 19g coffee in, 45g water out in 28 seconds. Plunger: 70g coffee, 1000g water, 6 minutes.


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Espresso Blend- Parallel Roasters


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