Eufy Smart Scale Black 28cm - T9146T11

Measurements Made Easy for All

Smart and Healthy - Eufy Smart Scale C1

Smart and Healthy

Smart Scale C1 is the easy way to keep track of your health journey

Measurements Made Easy for All

Just step onto Smart Scale C1 to track 12 essential body measurements.

No Sharp Corners

The rounded-glass top plate protects you from bumping into pointed edges.

Form and Function

The anti-slip top plate and low, stable design make sure of stability when you step on.

Hassle-Free Conversions

Switch from pounds to kilograms and back in one second.

Instant Bluetooth Connection

Fast wireless data transfer means you can view your measurements in seconds.

Know Your Body

See all the historical data of your progress and health trends with ease.

Unique Users

Eufy Smart Scale C1 is intelligent enough to match measurements to the correct user profile, automatically.

Easy to Use

1. Open EufyLife app
2. Step on
3. Understand your body