EvaKool TravelMate Dual Zone 62 Litre Fridge Freezer | TMDZ-70

62 Litre TMDZ-70 TravelMate Dual Zone Fridge Freezer by Evakool

Now carrying a fully comprehensive 5 year warranty, this TMDZ-70 TravelMate Dual Zone fridge freezer (62 Litres) is the latest model to join Evakool's incredibly popular TravelMate series of portable fridge freezers.

TravelMate fridge/freezers are reliable, user friendly, and built to last. They are a great companion for all your boating, four wheel driving and camping adventures. The TravelMate range incorporates the world renowned Danfoss compressor technology and a highly efficient cooling system that offers quiet and efficient operation and trouble free enjoyment.

Now in dual zone capacities, you can enjoy the convenience of having both a fridge and freezer in one unit. Or, if you prefer one large fridge or one large freezer.

The TMDZ-70 is also fully compatible with the Evakool Wifi App for your mobile device. This allows you to adjust and monitor the temperature of the fridge freezer right from your phone or tablet. Available on Android and iPhone.


  • Extensive range.
  • Convenient Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer operation.
  • Unique design enables the lid to be opened from either side or removed completely, all in one action.
  • Evakool is committed to producing the most user friendly fridge freezer on the market.
  • It will freeze in Australia's hottest conditions - cooling capacity up to 55oC below ambient.
  • Multi Voltage - will run from DC12V & 24V, AC 240V (leads included)
  • Wifi App enabled, control and monitor your fridge from your mobile device
  • 5 Year No Fuss Warranty & Nationwide Service Support


  • Fully insulated base and lid
  • Sturdy cabinet
  • Smooth walls, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Will not rust, corrode or dent
  • Will not absorb food tastes or odours
  • Quality Fittings
  • Handles can be used as tie down points
  • Internal Bright LED Light
  • Wifi App enabled
  • USB port to charge small devices (0.5A)
  • Removable baskets and lid - makes cleaning a breeze!


  • Quiet, reliable, efficient operation
  • Dual zone, set either compartment as fridge or freezer
  • Digital Controls
  • Built in low voltage protection
  • Will operate on angles up to 30 degrees
  • Self diagnostic fault system
  • Simple to use controls



EvaKool 43 Litre TravelMate Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Specifications

Model TMDZ70 Brand Evakool Type Electric, compressor driven portable dual zone fridge freezer Volume (Litres) 62L (Tub1 - 37L, Tub 2 - 25L) Dimensions 795mm x 448mm x 495mm (L x W x H) Weight (kg) 21.0 Kg Voltage Operates on 12/24 volts DC or 240 volts AC Model Configuration 2 separate compartments each of which can be set to operate independently as a fridge or freezer. Unique removable lid design. Removable baskets. Deep enough for standard wine or 2 litre soft drink bottle to stand upright. Power Usage (average)* As Fridge at 4oc: 1.0 to 2.0 Amps/Hour / As Fridge 4oc and Freezer -15oc: 1.5 to 2.2 Amps/Hour / As Freezer Freezer at -15oc: 2.0 to 3.0 Amps/Hour [at ambient temperature of 32oC] Temperature Range +10oc ~ 20oc. Cooling capacity of up to 55oc below ambient temperature Compressor Secop (Danfoss) PBC2.0 Unit Material Polypropylene with Polyurethane Insulation Manufacturers Warranty 5 Year No Fuss Warranty. Nation-wide service support.

* Average power usage is dependant on properties such as the compressor speed setting, current temperature surrounding the unit, and the temperature of the contents within the fridge.