EVAPOLAR evaCHILL - Personal Portable Air Cooler and Humidifier, with USB Connectivity and LED Light, Grey

Cool down

Evaporative cooling effect drops the air temperature in your personal area, be it a working space, a bedroom, or a nursery. Cools a single person's work space, sleeping area or camping tent. Cooling effect is limited to 45 ft 2 (3-4 m 2). Most efficiently cools the area of 21-32 ft 2 (2-3m 2). Decreases air temperature down to 17oC/63oF depending on the humidity level. Works best in a dry, hot climate with a humidity level under 70%.


EvaCHILL can be used as an addition to the air conditioning system, saturating the dried air, and as a separate device - by cooling, moisturizing and cleaning the air. Saturates the air with water, which is a natural, perfect solution to make your skin and hair softer.


EvaCHILL materials are build from mineral nano-fibres that provide a set of unique properties to it and it is freon-free. Evaporative cooling is a natural way of air-conditioning, that is why evaCHILL do not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which makes them absolutely safe for children and pets. Also, evaCHILL filters are made of a mineral compound that prevents bacterias from growing.

Working time up to 9 hours

Enlarged water tank, increasing the working time up to 9 hours. The guarantee of healthy and sound sleep of a child is the maintenance of the temperature range and clean air. EvaCHILL make sure to create comfortable conditions for your children. Also, the LED-backlight replaces the night-light, giving a quiet and good environment to your child.


Cooling power: 340 - 1190 BTU/hr

Dimensions: 17x17x17 cm

Weight: 750 g

Display Type: control button

Tank Capacity: 800 ml.

Flow Rate: 4

Noise Level: 39 Decibels

Operating area: up to 45 sq.ft.

Input Voltage: 5 V / 2 A

Operational Time: up to 9 hours

Power Consumption: 21,9 kW/year

Power Supply: 7.5 Watts

What's Included: user manual, cartridge, funnel, power cord