Everdure 6 Burner Gas BBQ Rotisserie Kit with 240V Motor

Everdure 6 Burner Rotisserie Kit

The Everdure rotisserie is a full stainless steel rod with adjustable stainless steel forks. The forks can be locked into place to secure the food items ;being spit roasted. Models are available to suit the Neo BBQ's.


  • 8kg Electric 240v Motor
  • 6 Burner BBQ Skewer
  • Prong Fork (Set of 2) for large cuts of meat ;

This rotisserie kit suits the following BBQ's:

  • Everdure Neo 6 Burner Barbecues
  • Red Rock 6 Burner Barbecues
  • Sundance 6 Burner Barbecues