Everlast Boxing Stand Set Nevatear - Upgrade to 4ft Nevatear

Everlast Boxing Stand Set

Pro Style Boxing Stand 1.0

Don't compromise on quality:

Pro Style Boxing Stand 1.0 might look the same as cheap model out on the market, what you don't see is the quality and strength of the steel and the size of the Boxing Stand . The Body-Iron Pro Style Boxing Stand frame is 2mm thick steel. Not 1mm or 1.5mm thick steel that our competitors or auction sites sell. Also is 4 way welding not two way like cheap models sold.

Pro Style Boxing Stand 1.0 can be either bolted to the floor or weighed down with weight plates. The construction is excellent.

Product Features:

  • These very durable Pro Style Boxing Stand 1.0 designed for home use
  • 60cm 3Ft - 150cm 5 Ft boxing bag
  • bags rated 50kg
  • Bag hook from floor is 218cm.
  • 150cmW 170cmL 227cm H.

Carton Dimensions: 205cm x 24cm x 15cm #### Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag 3ft

With its heavy duty, no nonsense design the Everlast Nevatear Heavy Bag 3ft Boxing Bag will allow you to take your boxing up a notch. The internal distribution of sandbags of synthetic and natural fibres is designed to ease the stress on your hands and wrists with even shock distribution, while the outer layer of premium synthetic leather with a reinforced webbing means this bag can take a real pounding.


Product features:

  • Heavy duty design with reinforced premium synthetic leather materials
  • Centre aligned sandbag placement reduces injury risk by evenly dispersing shock
  • Improve technique and aerobic capacity with a well rounded heavy bag workout
  • Double end loop for increased heavy bag functionality
  • Heavy duty nylon straps for added safety and security
  • Boxing bag 17kg 90cm - 30cm- 30cm

Upgrade to 4ft Nevatear for $59

Boxing bag 22kg 120cm - 30cm- 30cm