Expobar Leva Coffee Machine - Leva Plumbed

Experience the apex of heat exchange espresso with the Expobar Leva Coffee Machine. Outfitted with a redesigned E61 group, a hands-on lever control, and commercial-grade internals, it's among the top coffee machines of its type-perfect for homes and offices where espresso enthusiasts spend their time.

Expobar's High-End Heat Exchange Machine

The Leva is a step above most domestic machines, built with sturdy commercial-grade components that maximize lifespan and reliability. The full stainless steel shell not only looks classy, but adds a functional layer of protection for the powerful mechanics inside.

With a 1.5L copper heat exchange boiler, the Leva offers the ability to pull shots and steam milk at the same time. The machine comes in two models: one with a 2.9L water tank, and one that is plumbed-in to your water line for unlimited water access.

Pulling Shots With The Expobar Leva Coffee Machine

Expobar's custom-designed E61 group not only flows hot water through the group to increase temperature stability, but it also adds a 7-second pre-infusion that helps improve the balance and flavour of each shot. The shot is controlled by the manual lever, giving you the flexibility to start and stop the shot on demand.

The steam gauge will help you ensure there's the proper amount of pressure built-up to steam milk, and the swivel wand feels natural and smooth to use. There's also a hot water dispenser for if you'd like to make an americano or hot tea. Both wands are controlled with user-friendly knobs.

And to ensure you never accidentally pull espresso into a cold cup, the top of the machine features a cup warmer that keeps your mugs espresso-ready.

Expobar Leva Coffee Machine Features

Manual Lever Control - Easy hands-on control over each shot's time and volume.

Heat Exchange Boiler - 1.5L copper boiler allows you to pull shots and steam milk at the same time.

Redesigned E61 Group - Custom-built Expobar to include a pre-infusion chamber that adds a 7-second pre-infusion for a more uniform saturation and balanced flavour.

Tanked or Plumbed - Comes with either a 2.9L water tank or the ability to be plumbed into your water line.

Steam Pressure Gauge - Ensures you never accidentally start steaming with in-optimal pressure.

Built To Last - Built from sturdy commercial components to maximize the lifespan and reliability of the machine.

Cup Warmer - Keeps your cups hot and ready for espresso.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Expobar Leva Coffee Machine
  • 1 xPortafilter
  • 1 x Single / 1 x Double Filter Basket
  • 1 x Plastic Tamper

The Specifics

Boiler Heat Exchange, 1.5L Water Tank 2.9L, Plumbed Option Available Pump Vibrational, Rotary (Plumbed) PID No Pre-Infusion Built-In Voltage 220-240V Dimensions 240mm (W) x 450 (D) x 420 (H) Weight 25kg Option Tanked, Plumbed### Recommended Additions

  • Mazzer Mini Electronic A Grinder
  • Acaia Lunar Scales
  • Coffee Sensor Flow Control Device - E61 Grouphead
  • Coffee Sensor E61 Group Head Thermometer

Available Styles

  • Expobar Barista Minore Coffee Machine
  • Expobar Office Semi Auto Coffee Machine
  • Expobar Office Control Coffee Machine
  • Expobar Ruggero Barista Minore Coffee Machine
  • Expobar Ruggero Leva Coffee Machine

See the Expobar Leva in action with the team at Whole Latte Love below:

Expobar Leva Coffee Machine - Leva Plumbed


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