Extra Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow, Pump & Storage Bag Included

Product description

ObboMed HR-7690 Oversized Inflatable Bed Wedge with Pump helps users gain high-quality sleep at night, with its velour-coated PVC fabric for extra comfort.
1 x Inflatable Bed Wedge
1 x Powerful Pump
1 x Carry Bag
perfect use while sleeping, lying or seating to support and relax the neck, back, shoulders and rise the hip above the knees, relieving abdominal stresses.
EXTRA LARGE bed wedge makes you sleep better by keeping your shoulders from falling down from the wedge. (Please make sure it is the size you're looking for)
Also suitable as footrest or leg rest for better blood circulation and relief while sleeping or when lying.
Horizontal indention can help prevent users from sliding when resting against the pillow.
Suitable for people who are very tall and prefer to sleep with the torso inclined and for those who are petite and would like to sleep on top of the wedge.
Velour-coated PVC material for comfortable touch. Washable and easy-cleaning (wipe with a damp cloth).
The inflatable design makes it easy to deflate to be portable for traveling, office or home use, space-saving storage, easy and quick to inflate anytime needed.
To deflate, insert the peak of the cap into the Air Aperture and push the Air leak-Proof Valve/Check Valve (small black circular plat) inside to release the air.
Latex free
Inflated: 115 L x 76 W x 20-4 H cm / 45 L x 30 W x 8-1.5 H inches
Deflated: 115 L x 76 W x 1.3 H cm / 45 L x 29.9 W x 0.5 H inches
Color: Gray
Material: Velour-coated PVC
Item Weight: 1.33 kg / 2.93 lbs