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Extreme Machines: Air, Land & Sea Power DVD (E)

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Episode 1 - Air Power The U.S Air Force, uses the most advanced technology in the world. In this episode we look at cutting edge machines which have been developed to reach the limits of air combat in the 21st Century. These include the B2, F-22, Jump Jet Harrier, Apache helicopter, and the Comanche helicopter.

Episode 2 - Land Power To secure territory and protect the lives of soldiers and marines, front line military vehicles must be capable of challenging the enemy head-on. These are the true ultimate fighting machines. Vehicles featured in this episode include the M1A2 tank, the Humvee, the LCAC hovercraft, the tiny Robo-Copter and the Fire Ant unmanned tank.

Episode 3 - Sea Power The world's greatest oceans are the highways for U.S Navy, allowing warships, submarines and aircraft carriers and troop carriers to reach distant destinations. These incredible machines are built to carry an entire self-contained battle group. This programme will examine the defence and attack capabilities of the world's greatest mobile fight force, including the John C Stennis Aircraft Carrier.


  • Extreme Machines: Air, Land & Sea Power DVD
  • From the Discovery Channel 
  • Two-disc set 
  • Rating: E (exempt)
  • Running time (minutes, approx): N/A