Eyelash Extension kit - Basic Kit

**Make $3,200 in revenue for only $199 (based on $100 per set) - Save over $60!**The Lash by Lash Basic Kit offers all of your must-have accessories and disposables to get you started with eyelash extensions.

What are the benefits of using higher quality products?

  • Easy application with lashes coming off the strip easily without glue residue
  • Strong glue that holds well.
  • Eyepads that have minimal ingredients to seep out into the eye and are thin and stay put.
  • Tweezers made out of japanese steel so are super light weight and do not tarnish when steralising.
  • Ease of use means quicker and higher quality sets of lashes which in turns means more profit of returning happy clients.

The basic kit includes:

  • Silk C0.15 mixed tray lashes
  • Silk B0.15 Mixed tray of lashes
  • 5D Pre made fans C0.05 10mm tray of lashes
  • Lash by Lash tweezers x 2
  • Lash by Lash Scissors
  • Ultra Strength glue 10ml , primer 15ml , remover 5g
  • Eyepads x 25
  • Mascara Wands x 100
  • Micro brushes x 100
  • Jade Stone
  • Medical Tape
  • Training lashes
  • Disposable Masks x 3
  • Crystal Pallet Rounded
  • Lash by Lash Carry Bag
  • 10% ongoing code for all future purchases
  • Blower