FAIRTEX-Pro Angular Boxing Focus Pads Mitts Muay Thai MMA - Black/White

Tear drop shape design allows for punching, elbowing, kneeing and working on the inside.

Angular hand compartment design that fits naturally to the trainer's hands while minimizing wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use.
Extra soft, padded hand compartment designed for comfort, helps avoid getting jammed fingers and minimize impact on trainers hands.
Advanced four-layers of high density foam core for optimal shock absorbent.
Colours: Black/White and Red/Black

We are distributing genuine Fairtex products. All genuine FAIRTEX LEATHER PRODUCT will have a holographic sticker on a tag included inside for warranty claim. Beware of fakes on the market, just because they say made in Thailand doesn't mean they come direct from the Fairtex factory!