FIB200M Pro2 Sm Fibre Cable 200M Roll Sc/Upc-Sc/Upc Sm Dx 3.0Mm Lszh Single Mode SM FIBRE CABLE 200M ROLL

SC Fibre Optic Patch Cord stands for Subscriber Connector- a general purpose push/pull style connector. SC has an advantage in duplexibility to support send/ receive channels. SC Connectors are frequently used for newer network applications. The square, snap-in connector latches with a simple push-pull motion and is keyed. They feature a 2.5mm ferrule and molded housing for protection.


  • Superior qualified standard PC/ UPC/ APC polishing
  • Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-Core, TIA/ EIA and IEC
  • 100% optic test (Insertion Loss & Return Loss)
  • Single mode, Duplex
  • Comply to IEC Standard
  • Flexible boot are available


  • High Speed and volume Fibre Optic Transmission Systems
  • CATV Networks
  • LAN
  • Fibre Optic Instrumentation


Patch Cord/Pigtail Spec Type SC/UPC to SC/UPC Single Mode Duplex 3.0mm Insertion loss A1: 0.17dB; A2: 0.10dB; B3: 0.13dB; B4: 0.07dB Return Loss A1: 52.3dB; A2: 51.8dB; B3: 52.0dB; B4: 52.1dB Repeatability ≤0.1dB Durability ≥1000 matings Operating Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C Tensile Strength(N) ≥90N (f3), ≥70N (f2) Cable Length 200m
Weight: 4.7600