FIBARO Home Center 2 System | Smart Automation Controller Hub - Black

TheFIBARO Home Center 2Z-Wave gateway is a wireless home controller which allows you to build and manage your own Z-Wave network.

  • Extremely efficient hardware infrastructure
  • Remote access via web or mobile phone
  • Low energy consumption
  • Geolocalization - allows you to track your family members
  • SMS notification
  • Advanced recovery system
  • Maintains a history of events

Product Details

TheFIBARO Home Center 2****Controlleris the brain of the Fibaro system, or any Z-Wave based home automation system.

TheFIBARO Home Center 2 Controllerinterface gives you easy control over groups of devices responsible for the same function - for example, heating, air conditioning or garden watering. Thanks to the Device Panels, you can easily schedule operations for groups of devices, based on the day of the week or the time of day.

Fibaro devices can be installed in any wall switch box, behind a light switch, roller shutter switch, etc and are compatible with every electrical system. They do not connect permanently to the building's infrastructure so if you wish to redecorate your apartment, take down some walls and change your interior design they won't be a problem. Simply take out any given module from the wall and install it in a new location. Thanks to mesh networking, the module will update its location and resume operation.

Almost all automation in the Fibaro System is controlled by 'Scenes'. These can, for example, turn lights on when motion is detected at particular times of day or make several things happen around your house with the push of a single button on your Z-Wave controller. Most of these scenes can be created using Fibaro's excellent 'Graphical Scene Editor'. But some more complex scenes are actually much easier to create using a LUA script, and in some cases can only be created using LUA.

LUA is a programming (scripting) language and is commonly used in home automation controllers to enable users to create more complex control scenes than those supported by the controller's Scene editor. TheFIBARO Home Center 2 Controller's scene editor enables you to use a graphical-based editor or a LUA-based editor.

For light users, we also provide a smaller, less expensive system, the FIBARO Home Center Lite.

Product Support


⇒Fibaro Home Center 2 Overview (Size: 3.53 MB)

⇒Fibaro Home Center 2 Quick User Guide (Size: 1.85 MB)

Videos / Youtube:

⇒Fibaro Home Center 2 Youtube Presentation

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol

Z Wave

RF Frequency

921.42Mhz AU/NZ approved RF for Z wave

Z Wave device type


Connection type

Z-Wave IR




CPU: Intel Atom 1.6 GHz Processor


2GB SLC Hard Drive

4GB MLC Recovery Disk

Operation Range

Up to 30m indoors with no obstacles


Indoor use only

Operation Temperature

-10 ~ +40 oC

Storage Temperature

-10 ~ 70 oC, humidity 5~95% RH (max)






C-Tick, RCM