Finding Your Soul Mate

Finding Your Soul Mate

Guided Meditations to help you to clear the path to love. This CD is for those who are ready to release past relationships and make room in their hearts for new love. Sometimes, the emotional baggage of the past prevents us from being ready for love when it arrives.

Offering three powerful guided meditations, this CD helps you to clear away the past, resolve the present and open your heart to love.

With repeated use this CD can help you to be ready when opportunities for love present themselves.

It is important to listen to track one 15 times (15 days in a row) before listening to track two. Then listen to the second meditation 15 times and then the final mediation for 15 times. This ensures you enjoy the strongest results from each meditation.

  • Clearing the Past
  • Forgiveness and Release
  • Opening Your Heart

Written and spoken by Paul Fenton-Smith.