Firewood Cart Logs Cradle / Trolley Wood Holder With Cover For Log Splitter

Need to carry things such as logs, firewoods after wood splitting and log saw cutting? ;This Log Cart LSWR is an excellent firewood cart / trolley with 100kg capacity that will minimize your time and effort of moving logs/firewoods around your property.

  • The item has hand trolley and heavy duty rubber wheel for for easy maneuverability over any terrain or up and down stairs.
  • Sturdy and durable - ;with solid steel construction.
  • It comes ;with Polyester Weather Cover ;to protect firewood from dampness and insects. ;
  • Designed to hold large amounts of firewood, this cart has 100kg capacity. It is both a time saver and back saver and assembles with ease.

Get yours today to ;make transporting and storing your firewood a breeze.

Product Features:

Heavy Duty 200 mm (8 in x 2in)

Rubber Wheels for easy movement.

Dimensions: 625 mm (L) x 495 mm (W) x 1050 mm (H).

Powder Coated Steel Construction.